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Elainie Lillios’s music reflects her fascination with listening, sound, space, time, immersion and anecdote. Her music explores many sound worlds; sometimes referential ones such as the human voice, cars, wind chimes, or water. Other times her materials are less obvious, like crunching branches, walking through snow, or pebbles shuffling in water. Her compositional output includes electroacoustic works, music for instruments with live interactive electroacoustics, and collaborative immersive multimedia audiovisual installation environments. Her research interests include sound diffusion as the performance practice of electroacoustic music, audio spatialization employing Ambisonics, critical listening as a creative aid and Deep Listening.

Her creative work and research has been funded through grants and commissions from organizations including the International Computer Music Association (ICMA), La muse en circuit (Paris, France), New Adventures in Sound Art (Toronto, Canada), Réseaux des arts médiatiques (Montréal, Québec), Kalamazoo Animation Festival International (Michigan, USA), Center for Computation and Technology — Louisiana State University (USA), and Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC) — Queens University Belfast (UK).

Elainie Lillios’s composition was awarded prizes at several competition, including the Concurso Internacional de Música Eletroacústica de São Paulo (CIMESP, Brazil), Luigi Russolo International Competition (Varese, Italy), Bourges International Electroacoustic Music and Sonic Art Competition (France), Concorso Internazionale di Composizione Musicale Elettronica Pierre Schaeffer (Pescara, Italy), Kalamazoo Animation Festival International (Michigan, USA), La Muse en Circuit’s Radiophonic Art Competition (Paris, France), and the Destellos Electroacoustic Composition Competition (Argentina).

She has been featured as a special guest composer nationally and internationally, including the Ina-GRM (Paris, France), Rien à voir (Montréal, Québec), L’Espace du son (Brussels, Belgium), June in Buffalo Festival (New York, USA), and Ionian University (Corfu, Greece).


Elainie Lillios

Chicago (Illinois, USA), 1968

Residence: Bowling Green (Ohio, USA)

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empreintes DIGITALes / IMED 11110, IMED 11110_NUM / 2011