Robin Minard

April 12 – May 10, 2008: Robin Minard: Gallery Show, Concert in Montréal

Wednesday, April 9, 2008 In concert

Robin Minard, ex-member of Sonde, is back in Montréal after 20 years of absence! He will present Sons sur papier, a retrospective of several sound installations, at Oboro from April 12 to May 10, 2008. He will also diffuse 3 acousmatic works as part of the Pulsar *3 series on April 14, 2008 at the Planétarium de Montréal. The opening feature of this concert is Nicolas Bernier’s premiere of Les chambres de l’atelier. Note that at this occasion co-artistic directors of Réseaux, Jean-François Denis, Gilles Gobeil, and Robert Normandeau, are “passing the torch” to Nicolas Bernier, versatile and prolific young composer…

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Canadians on DEGEM WebRadio

Friday, February 22, 2008 General

The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) has hosted a number of Canadian electroacoustic composers over the years such as: Robin Minard, Gordon Monahan, Christian Calon, Francis Dhomont, and Robert Normandeau. The DEGEM and ZKM propose a WebRadio programme which features works composed by these past guest artists as well as by the newest Canadian guest, Gilles Gobeil, in Berlin since January 2008. The Programme B is under section “Berichte/Features.”

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July 14 – 29, 2006: WNMD Electro Events in Stuttgart

Monday, July 10, 2006 In concert

Electroacoustics will be heard at the 2006 World New Music Days in Stuttgart (Germany). Opening on July 14, 2006 the installation … raumKLANG raum… entgrenzend put together by Sabine Schäfer and Joachim Krebs explores the dimensions of sound, space, time, and movements with their music and works by Ferrari, Minard, Sistermanns, Schafer, and Westerkamp. The “Long Night” organized by DEGEM with music by more than 18 composers (including Tutschku) will start on July 21. Finally, the ZKM organized the Short Cuts: Beauty competititon for works of 3 to 8 minutes in duration. The selected pieces will be presented at the Chillout Lounge at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart starting on July 18.

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