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Jaime Reis (1983) is a Portuguese composer based in Lisbon who attended seminars with Karlheinz Stockhausen and worked with Emmanuel Nunes (also PhD co-adviser), after studying composition and electronic music in Aveiro University (with 3 prize scholarships as best student in the university). He is the artistic director of Festival DME (counting more than 60 editions). His music, both instrumental and electroacoustic, has been presented over more than 20 countries, and has received prizes in competitions such as Prix Russolo, Métamorphoses. He has worked with institutions / ensembles such as IRCAM, KCMD, Musik Fabrik, ZKM, Aleph Guitar Quartet, Musiques & Recherches. He is a professor at the Superior School of Applied Arts (Castelo Branco, Portugal) and at the Superior Music School of Lisbon, and the director of Lisboa Incomum.

Jaime Reis

Coimbra (Portugal), 1983

Residence: Lisbon (Portugal)

  • Composer

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Musiques & Recherches / MR 2018 / 2019


Kairos / KAI 0015080 / 2020
  • Not in catalogue
Various artists / AUDIOMAT 201709 / 2017
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