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Coming from the experimental electronic music scene, Sébastien Roux has played in Europe, Australia and USA. He has been invited by several festivals like Musique action (Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy), Nuit d’hiver (Marseille), Netmage (Bologna), Whynote (Dijon), Présences “électronique” (Paris), J’en Rêve (Paris), Musica (Strasbourg), Net Days (Bruxelles), Santarcangelo (Italy), etc. Since 2004, he has been working as a musical assistant at IRCAM, where he mainly collaborates with composer Georges Aperghis. He is a prize winner at the 6th “Villes manifestes” Radio Art Competition (La Muse en circuit, France, 2005). His work is released by the labels apestaartje, 12k, Carpark and Room 40.

Roux’s music is personal and multi-faceted; From warm and drowsy ambient tones to digital fests of errors and erratic rhythms to a more song-structured approach hinting at a distant relative of submereged pop music. His influences include musique concrète, folk songs, and electronic music and his work at IRCAM in Paris wraps his ecclectic tastes into an expertly produced work of digital sound that dœs not rely on one particular sound or motif but rather highlights a breadth of processes and unique sonic juxtaposititons.


Sébastien Roux

Côte-d’Or (France), 1977

Residence: Paris (France)

  • Composer

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Sébastien Roux [Photo: Koen Holtkamp]
Sébastien Roux [Photo: Koen Holtkamp]
  • Sébastien Roux, Café du Monument-National [Photo: Luc Beauchemin, Montréal (Québec), December 11, 2008]
  • Christian Bouchard et Sébastien Roux en conférence au Conservatoire de musique de Montréal [Photo: Nicolas Bernier, Montréal (Québec), December 10, 2008]


empreintes DIGITALes / IMED 0898, IMED 0898_NUM / 2008
Optical Sound / OSDVD 003 / 2007


Brocoli / BROCOLI 018 / 2016
  • Not in catalogue
Future Audio Graphics / FAG 003 / 2014
  • Not in catalogue
Brocoli / BROCOLI 012 / 2012
  • Not in catalogue
12k / Line / 12K 1036 / 2006
  • Not in catalogue
Various artists
La Muse en circuit / MUSE 2005 / 2005
  • Not in catalogue