Sébastien Roux

Coming from the experimental electronic music scene, Sébastien Roux has played in Europe, Australia and USA. He has been invited by several festivals like Musique action (Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy), Nuit d’hiver (Marseille), Netmage (Bologna), Whynote (Dijon), Présences “électronique” (Paris), J’en Rêve (Paris), Musica (Strasbourg), Net Days (Bruxelles), Santarcangelo (Italy), etc. Since 2004, he has been working as a musical assistant at Ircam, where he mainly collaborates with composer Georges Aperghis. He is a prize winner at the 6th “Villes manifestes” Radio Art Competition (La Muse en circuit, France, 2005). His work is released by the labels apestaartje, 12k, Carpark and Room 40. More

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Sébastien Roux

Côte-d’Or (France), 1977

Residence: France

  • Composer