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Demian Rudel Rey (Argentina, 1987). A composer and a guitarist, he completed a guitar degree at the Astor Piazzolla conservatory and at the EMBA (Buenos Aires). He completed a Bachelor’s Degree in composition at the National University of the Art in 2014 (Argentina). His composition professor was Santiago Santero. He is now completing a specialized degree in Combined Art Language at the National University of the Arts (Argentina, 2016).

He received distinctions in various national and international composition competitions, including TRINAC 2012, TRIME 2012, FINM 2012, BIENAL Bahía Blanca 2013, SADAIC 2013, conDiT 2015, Destellos Electroacoustic Composition Competition 2015, FAUNA 2015, The Indie FEST Film 2016 and the Konex Mozart Composition Competition 2016. His works have been presented in several international festivals.

He featured as the Internal Master in Gérard Grisey’s Les Chants de l’amour, performed at the Usina del Arte’s main hall (2013), and in Helmut Lachenmann’s Das Mädchen mit des Schwefelhölzern, performed at the Teatro Colón’s main hall (2014).

Demian Rudel Rey is the cofounder and has been a co-director of LINSEN Media Productions since 2013, as well as a member of the Ensemble GEAM since 2014. He is currently a coordinator in charge of institutional relations at the Festival Bahía [in] Sonora.

[source: MR 2016] [xii-16]

Demian Rudel Rey

[Demian Flavio Rudel Rey]

Buenos Aires (Argentina), 1987

Residence: Buenos Aires (Argentina)

  • Composer
  • Performer (guitar)

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