Artists Noah Sasso

Noah Sasso, alias Octopus Inc, is, along with his associate Colongib, co-founder of the U.S. label Kracfive. With Kracfive Noah has already released two CDs which have established his music, of delicate and sometimes minimal craft, yet always welcoming.

Noah Sasso

  • Composer


Associated groups

On the web

Main releases

Kracfive / KFAT 009 / 2001


Various artists
Throat / THROAT HZ3b / 2003


Various artists
Throat / THROAT HZ3/4 / 2002
  • Reissued

Web releases

Various artists
No Type (web) / NT 082 / 2006
No Type (web) / NT 071 / 2002


No Type (web) / NT 071 / 2002

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