Artists Jørgen Teller

Guitar player, sampler, vocal, electroacoustics, composer and songwriter Jørgen Teller was born in 1958 in Copenhagen. His compositions and projects focus on electroacoustics, radio pieces, sound sculpture, MIDI-guitar, grains, dronepop, songs, soundscapes of cities and open air, soundtracks for international dance, theatre, poetry, video, film and architecture.

[source:] [iv-00]

Jørgen Teller

Copenhagen (Denmark), 1958

Residence: Copenhagen (Denmark)

  • Composer
  • Performer (guitar, sampler)

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Various artists
CEC-PeP / PEP 002 / 2000


Various artists
Dacapo / DAC 8224198-99 / 2001
  • Not in catalogue
Various artists
[Independent] / SKR 96 / 1996
  • Not in catalogue

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