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The Unireverse is a psychedelic Moog rock project comprised of Alex Moskos (ex member of the experimental rock band Kubelka), Brian Damage (ex member of Phÿcus), and Michael Caffrey (of Daydream Square and ex member of Beautifuzz).

Originally, The Unireverse envisioned doing Moog pop, but during their first jam session the sound just blasted off into space, and since then has gone further and further out. They incorporate elements of psychedelic rock, electro-funk, ambient drones, stoner rock, free jazz, post-rock, hip hop, krautrock and classic Moog stylings. Yes, The Unireverse does covers in the style of classic Moog LPs, but they want to create a new musical reality, one where the music of the future — so often predicted in the titles of these Moog records — becomes a reality. This is the music of the 21st century. The Unireverse is doing some crazy space rock, for real!


The Unireverse

Montréal (Québec)

  • Composer
  • Performer (ensemble)

Group members

On the web

The Unireverse [Photo: Kerry Campbell, 2005]
The Unireverse [Photo: Kerry Campbell, 2005]
  • The Unireverse [Photo: Kerry Campbell, 2005]

Main releases

No Type / IMNT 0514 / 2005

Web releases

No Type (web) / NT 095 / 2006


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