Françoise Vanhecke

Françoise Vanhecke, Belgian soprano, ISFV singer, pianist, actress, composer (Irma Bilbao), voice teacher, improvisator, and soundpainter, is a contemporary, daring, powerful performing creative artist and researcher. She equally applies bel canto, extended techniques, and improvisation into baroque, world music, and pop in close collaboration with composers. She has developed a revolutionary extended vocal technique, ISFV (Inhaling Singing by Françoise Vanhecke), which is considered as a new expressive artistic art form of the 21st century. She premiered more than 300 works and recorded for many different labels. She regularly performs at international festivals and theatres.


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Françoise Vanhecke

Kortrijk (Belgium), 1957

Residence: Harelbeke (Belgium)

  • Performer (soprano)