Bihe Wen

Bihe Wen was born in China in 1991. His works include instrumental and electroacoustic music. He is interested in the relationship between traditional aesthetics and language of sound composition. He was awarded First Prize in 2011 Musicacoustica-Beijing competition, Jury Special Mention for innovation in the use of the sound material in XXVIII Luigi Russolo Contest, First Prize in Monaco International Electroacoustic Composition Competition CICEM 2014, and 2016 Leibniz’s Harmonies Prize. His acousmatic work has been selected as the designated work to be performed and analyzed by the participants to Concours de spatialisation «Espace du Son» 2012 in Brussels. More

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Bihe Wen

Zhuhai (China), 1991

Residence: Belfast (Northern Ireland, UK)

  • Composer