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Amnon Wolman is currently on the faculty at Northwestern University in Chicago (Illinois, USA), teaching composition and co-directing the Computer Music Center. He has written more than fifty pieces which include symphonic works, vocal and chamber pieces for different types of ensembles, film music, music for theatre and dance, and works involving computer generated or processed sounds. His music is recorded by Wergo (Germany) and the Stanford University Press (California, USA), and published by the Israel Music Institute. He now teaches at Brooklyn College since September 2002.


Amnon Wolman

Jerusalem (Israel), 1955

Residence: Israel

  • Composer

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Amnon Wolman

Main releases

C74 Records / C74 003 / 2001


Various artists
empreintes DIGITALes / IMED 9004, IMED 9604, IMED 9604_NUM / 1990, 1996


Various artists
Wergo / WER 2026-2 / 1990
  • Out of print

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