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Gayle Young

St Catharines (Ontario, Canada), 1950

Residence: Grimsby (Ontario, Canada)

  • Composer
  • Performer (invented instruments)

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MIT Press / MITP 9780262539302 / 2020
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Artextes Éditions / ENG 02 / 2003
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Various artists
CEC-PeP / CEC 92CD / 1992
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Articles written

Music is Movement

Gayle Young, Musicworks, no. 101, June 1, 2008

[Article Summary] Louis Dufort’s videomusic piece Épochè, presented at Montréal’s Elektra Festival in 2008, encapsulates his experience of sound as duration and movement in space. The video, created in 3D programming, and presented on a huge screen, features music comprising transformed and abstracted brass sounds, sometimes massive and sometimes ethereal. His newest recording, Matériaux composés, is a DVD-Audio disc featuring 5.1 surround sound, which provides a three-dimensional listening space for the home listener. Dufort has collaborated with choreographer Marie Chouinard, creating major works which have received international recognition. He is also a member of Montréal Sound Matter, an artist collective that has produced several concerts and sound installations. He increasingly feels drawn to the sounds of acoustic instruments, inviting musicians to record in his studio. He has composed works for Quatuor Bozzini, Quasar saxophone quartet, and Ensemble de flûtes Alizé, among others. For Dufort, music is an aural and experiential phenomenon with links to the oral tradition of story.

For Dufort, music is an aural and experiential phenomenon with links to the oral tradition of story.


  • Louis Dufort [Photo: Diane Charland, Montréal (Québec), February 8, 2009]

    An article by Gayle Young on Louis Dufort was published in the summer 2008 issue of Musicworks (#101). The author gives an overview of the diversity of Louis Dufort’s artistic forms of expression, and presents the new paths that now insp…

    Saturday, July 12, 2008 / General

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