eD: Gigantic Update for Paul Dolden

Tuesday, October 14, 2003 New releases

Ten years after the publication of his milestone album, Canadian composer Paul Dolden offers us something more than just a re-issue but a gigantic reconstruction of his work. Indeed, the hundreds of tracks which makes each of the works featured on both Intoxicated by Speed’s two volumes were re-processed, re-mixed and re-mastered with the most recent digital technologies. No comparison is possible with the previous analog mixes! A third album stems from this impressive revamping task, Seuil de silences, featuring previously unreleased compositions and works from the 1990 album The Threshold of Deafening Silence.

No Type: Books on Tape Sings the Blues… or Not!

Monday, September 8, 2003 New releases

It’s out, and it’s so nice. It’s Books on Tape Sings the Blues. Let’s make this clear: this is one of the most dynamic, eclectic and enjoyable CDs you will have heard of all year. Todd Drootin’s sampler technique is unmatched by anyone, and it’s a pleasure to hear it on this new CD. Books on Tape is currently in a North American tour. In the meantime, check out our sound clips and be one of the first to buy the record online!

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No Type: New Tomas Jirku

Monday, August 11, 2003 New releases

The new Tomas Jirku album, Bleak 1999, was launched on August 31, 2003 at Casa del Popolo (Montréal) with special guests The Unireverse and Dj Tobias. This premiere was the start of Jirku’s two month world tour that took him from Irleand to Germany as well as France and Eastern Europe. Known to a small group of individuals, Bleak 1999 is a pearl of deeply warm electronic music that emerges untarnished from 5 years hidden on a hard drive.

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