eD: 4th disc by Robert Normandeau

Wednesday, January 16, 2002 New releases

“Clair de Terre is fundamentally entertaining, a rare comment for electroacoustic music.” (All Music Guide, USA) Just after releasing a compilation of his major works on the Rephlex label (UK), Robert Normandeau presents his 4th album, an homage to the 20th century and the two art forms born out of it, cinema and musique concrète. An intimate work, dealing with his acoustic preoccupations since the late 80’s, Clair de terre transposes film techniques into acousmatic mouvements and uses the very personnal sound bank constituted by the composer throughout the years. The other two tracks lights a new aspect of Normandeau’s work. Indeed, even if he composed soundtracks for numerous plays, it is the first time one of them appears on CD.

eD: Bruits, 3rd release by Yves Daoust

Wednesday, January 16, 2002 New releases

“… the musicality of this electroacoustic piece lands me in pure auditory pleasure!” (Sonoloco Record Reviews, Sweden) Third Yves Daoust album on the empreintes DIGITALes label, Bruits (Noises) plunges in the reappropriation of everyday sounds dear to the composer since Anecdotes (1991), his first CD. Human voices, musical instruments and the unnumerable sonic fragments of our daily lives are the metal Daoust uses to forge caskets for his little gems. Inspiration for the title track, the city of Montréal is the arena from which the source material emerge, meet and clash. Automobile rumblings, jubilant crowds and children playgrounds burst out from the digital treatments in a touching and evocative aural portrait.

eD: Gobeil Releases … dans le silence de la nuit…

Tuesday, January 15, 2002 New releases

“… one of the most talented and sensitive jugglers of sounds we’ve heard” (Sonoloco Record Reviews, Sweden). Since its release, Gilles Gobeil’s new disc, … dans le silence de la nuit…, attracts a lot of praises and attention. Dark and fascinating, his sonic universe routs bias and produces extraordinary sonic depth. Inspired by both readings (Proust, HG Wells, Verne) and travels (Venice), Gobeil’s compositions leaves the listener breathless with its moving images and secret atmospheres. 50 minutes expressly remastered for this edition, illustrated by Luc Beauchemin.