Gravity’s Stillness. Resonance #6

Paul Dolden

Gravity’s Stillness. Resonance #6

  • Paul Dolden
  • Year of composition: 1996
  • Duration: 14:36
  • Instrumentation: violin (or viola) and stereo fixed medium
  • Commission: Rivka Golani, with support from the CCA
  • ISWC: T0717540265

The work is based on fairy simple melodic and harmonic ideas. The interest for me in this type of work is to use the recording studio to create a series of distinct sound worlds, or orchestrations, based on these melodic and harmonic ideas. The tape becomes the catalyst for creating the changes in mood and tone. The live soloist repeatedly states the melodic ideas in a simple to very virtuosic manner.

Recorded musicians:
François Houle: E-flat clarinet, clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones
Allen Thorpe: bassoon, contrabassoon
David Owen: oboe, english horn
Kathryn Cernauskas: piccolo, flute, alto flute
Nancy Ruffer: flutes
Peter Hannan: soprano, alto and tenor recorders
John Korsrud: trumpet, flugelhorn
Brenda Chatman: french horn
Brad Muirhead: trombone
Ian McIntosh: tuba, digeridoo, jewsharp
Grace Yaginuma: piano
Mark Campbell: electric bass
Rob Maynard: drum kit
Dylan Van der Schyff: drum kit
Nick Apivor: vibes, marimba, timpani, bass drums, gamelan orchestra instruments, congas, bongos, jambays, surdo, talking drums, rainsticks, chimes, various shakers, various bells, woodblocks, maracas, guiros, rachets, and vibraslap
Paul Dolden: electric and acoustic guitar, sitar, violin, viola, cello, double bass, mouth harmonica, rubbed glass, breaking glass, hammering, sawing, and scrap metal
sopranos: Kim Hardy, Diana Ganske, Lorraine Reinhardt
altos: Karen Ydenberg, Liz Baker, Wendy Klein
tenors: Chris Givens, Jonathan Quick, Kieren MacMillan
basses: Peter Zaenker, Derrick Christian

Gravity’s Stillness. Resonance #6 was realized in 1996 at the composer’s studio and premiered by Julie-Anne Derome on June 11, 1999 during a concert of the Trio Fibonacci at Salle Tudor in Montréal. The piece was commissioned by violist Rivka Golani with support from the Canada Council for the Arts (CCA).



  • June 11, 1999, Julie-Anne Derome, violin • Concert, Salle Tudor — Ogilvy, Montréal (Québec)