L’impatience des limites

Bernard Fort

L’impatience des limites

  • Bernard Fort
  • Year of composition: 1992-93
  • Duration: 18:04
  • Instrumentation: stereo fixed medium
  • Publisher(s): Ymx média
  • Commission: Ina-GRM
  • ISWC: T0030828717

Felt more than ever since Mady, to whom this piece is dedicated, was suddenly taken away from my corporeal eyes: the impatience of limits.

At first, it was meant to be a musical reflection on time. The one that moves forward, along which evolutions, proofs of passing time, are inscribed and the still one that stands the test of time. Now, memories have become the proofs of passing time, standing the test of time for he who suffers its attacks. And most of all, the presence of she to whom, in the garden of sleep, past, present and future are all the same state — and still she watches her children grow up.

[English translation: François Couture, ix-03]

L’impatience des limites [The Impatience of Limits] was realized in 1992-93 in the studios of the Groupe de recherches musicales (Ina-GRM) and premiered on 25 January 1993 at the Salle Olivier Messiaen of the Maison de Radio France (Paris, France). It was commissioned by the Ina-GRM. Thanks to Dominique Saint Martin for his assistance during the mixing stage. L’impatience des limites was awarded 2nd prize for Electroacoustic Tape Music at the 21st Bourges International Electroacoustic Music Competition (France, 1993). L’impatience des limites was recorded on the album 12 Haïku [GMVL CD 010] in 1993 and on the album Les prix du 21e Concours international de musique électroacoustique / Bourges 1993 [LDC 278056/57] in 1994.


  • January 25, 1993, Son-Mu 93: Concert, Salle Olivier Messiaen — Maison de Radio France, Paris (France)