Le voyageur

Mario Rodrigue

Le voyageur

  • Mario Rodrigue
  • Year of composition: 1993
  • Duration: 9:52
  • Instrumentation: stereo fixed medium
  • Publisher(s): Yul média
  • ISWC: T0705099973

A traveller in space enters the terrestrial orbit. Caressed, confronted by various sound objects, he suddenly lands on the surface and finds himself in the middle of downtown. From this point of departure, he goes exploring, moving through space-time, before continuing on his way… off where we cannot follow.

Le voyageur [The Traveller] was realized in 1993 at the composer’s studio with an Akai S1000 sampler, a Korg MS20 synthesizer, DAT et ADAT tape recorders, and Cubase software on an Atari 1040st. The final mix was realized in October 1993 at the Cinar studio in Montréal with the assistance of engineer Pierre Labbé. Le voyageur premiered on March 28, 1994 in Norwich (UK) during the TRACES ÉLECTRO UK 94 concert tour by Jean-François Denis (sound projection). Thanks to Lise Desmarais.


  • March 28, 1994, Concert, Norwich (England, UK)