Works En Febrero Mueren Las Flores Sergio Barroso

En Febrero Mueren Las Flores

En Febrero Mueren Las Flores (In February the Flowers Die) was composed between June and August 1987. The piece simply expresses a personal lyric by means of contrasting colors, rhythms, textures and dynamics. The sound source for the tape part consists of environmental sounds combined with occasional FM microtonal timbres.

En Febrero Mueren Las Flores was realized at Ireme Studio in Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada) in 1987 using the Carnegie Mellon University MIDI Toolkit software for the composition of the tape part and of some sections of the violin solo part. The piece was commissioned by Manuel Enríquez and premiered by him in January, 1988 at the Mexico City International Electroacoustic Music Festival En Torno a los Sonidos Electrónicos. The version for Raad violin and tape was premiered by Adele Armin on June 5, 1991 during the 3rd CEC Electroacoustic Days, >>Perspectives->->, at Concordia University in Montréal.


  • January 31, 1988, Manuel Enríquez, violin • En Torno a los Sonidos Electrónicos, Museo Tamayo, Mexico City (Mexico)
  • June 5, 1991, Premiere of the Raad violin version: Adele Armin, Raad violin; Sergio Barroso, diffusion • >>Perspectives->->: Concert, Salle de concert — Université Concordia, Montréal (Québec)


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