Yantra X

Sergio Barroso

Yantra X

  • Sergio Barroso
  • Year of composition: 1982
  • Duration: 16:29
  • Instrumentation: bassoon and stereo fixed medium
  • Commission: Jesse Read, with support from the CCA
  • ISWC: T0703520799

Yantra means ‘cosmogram’ and is an age-old set of Tibetan graphic symbols representing the cosmos. I used it as a device to generate random structures, tempo and dynamic concepts. Yantra X is the last piece in a cycle of instrumental works with and without electroacoustic elements on which I worked for over a decade.

Yantra X subtitled “de profundis” is an intimate and lyrical composition combining a solo bassoon with prerecorded and electroacoustically modified bassoon on tape. A recording score performed by Jesse Read provided the tape sound materials. These were subsequently transformed through complex settings of the Buchla 200 voltage-control analog synthesizer. Up to twelve tracks were mixed into the final stereo tape. The solo live part exploits the bassoon sound qualities and technical possibilities across the full register range of the instrument and beyond.

Yantra X was realized at the University of Victoria Electroacoustic Music Studio (British Columbia, Canada) between January and February 1982. The piece was commissioned by Jesse Read with support from the Canada Council [for the Arts] (CCA) and premiered by him in May, 1982 at the Utrecht Conservatorium (The Netherlands).


  • May 1982, Jesse Read, bassoon • Concert, Utrecht Conservatorium, Utrecht (Netherlands)