Works Frame eRikm


  • eRikm
  • Year of composition: 1999
  • Duration: 18:46
  • Instrumentation: stereo fixed medium

Frame is the result of a work that originates in the audio CD medium itself: “Digital anomaly and anomaly of the medium itself”; it was produced within the specific frame of hijacking the CDs from Métamkine’s Cinéma pour l’oreille series.

The work is composed of four parts that can alternately be played back randomly. Within the footprints from the series can be found, as well as a whole set of improvisations for three CD players and effects. All the elements were compiled, re-edited on MiniDisc and then played back randomly in various ways. “Various forms of superimposition were useful afterward to the pace of development of the track”: Acoustic sound recordings were made during a performance in the studio; Work on one or many jammed frames, produced by the CD players (themselves ‘’ CD players); Further developments of jammed frames from specific parts and varying in duration from short to longer, played back using one or more CD players, as well as some work following the same principle, applied to the whole set of audio devices this time, and played back at various speeds. Some of the sound materials result from various manipulations of the CD medium itself, such as using oil, glue, etc, in order to distort (or fault?) the mirror and divert the trajectory of the laser. Different parts were mixed and filtered using a sampler, recorded back on MiniDisc and delay, and then played back using the techniques described earlier. I think it’s needless to add that the final result was edited using a well-prepared sampler.

This was for the technical side. A Sunday of boredom, gray and rainy, in a room on the fifth floor of a suburban tower with fixed partitions, tearing themselves at the slightest moanings of an anxious baobab: that is for the content and the artistic direction of the project.

This track is part of a body of works, Image, audio & film, originating from the audio medium.


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