Apostolos Loufopoulos


Aura is an acousmatic work completed in March 2002. The title can be interpreted in two different ways: firstly aura suggests a “gentle breeze”, indicating a certain type of motion, which characterizes the sounding content morphologically. Secondly, the context is related metaphorically to the ideas of birth and evolution of life, associated with invisible worlds existing behind the materials of nature: what we experience in the natural environment is a result, a “framing” of a whole universe of “invisible” evolutionary processes, which constitute a “hidden” microcosmic reality.

Throughout the context of Aura the sound world is presented as “unfamiliar”, non-relating to certain sources, however it often momentarily develops into “familiar”, indicating recognizable natural motions of insects-birds, or “virtual” natural images and landscapes. The “familiar”-’unfamiliar’ sonic relationship is used to indicate the existence of a complex, microcosmic universe, which evolves behind the “scenery” of nature, in the core of even the simplest form of natural life.

The sound material used in the construction of this work mainly derives from non-natural sound sources. Electronically generated and human-based gestural sounds are utilized in transformations, but also sounds recorded from nature have been employed. The “concrete” sonic events are layered in front of a sustained, “synthesized” harmonic background, with which they interact and create different types of space. The recorded “cricket” sound in the final section is used as a symbol of nature, presenting the simplicity of the perceptible natural world, which contrasts with the complexity of the invisible world behind.