Works Contents of the Pay-Jar Roger Doyle

Contents of the Pay-Jar

  • Roger Doyle
  • Year of composition: 1983-88
  • Duration: 70:00

The earliest of these pieces appear as they came out of the Fairlight, recorded straight to tape, except for some editing on the old Ferrograph Series 7 tape recorder (alas no longer with us). Say Yes to the Nice Lady took a month of editing and experimenting, mainly using the same sequenced notes but substituting the samples (chameleon octet). I am indebted to Lucy Vigne-Welsh and Elena Lopez who wandered in to the studio as I was working and who produced extraordinary improvised texts in response to the music. Ordained for Grave Dancing is the same as Sidewards and Pinkways except at one third the speed. The later pieces (in the new home studio, now with a multi-track tape recorder) were layered with no editing e.g. Arminarm, Why Orange?, Fire on the Water. In those days I hardly ever got paid for any composing, thus the pay-jar was empty, whilst the Page R was full.



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