La chambre blanche

Robert Normandeau / Marie Uguay

La chambre blanche

To Hélène Berton

The reading of the used texts suggest the creation of “poetic characters” that are so many views, words, interpretations stemming from the poetry. These caracters, which are four in number, were confided to many different voices: actor or radio-speaker, female or male, natural or transformed, alone or multiplied. In addition to this radio-style uses of the voice, are the electroacoustic ones by the use of interpretation choirs where the narrators echo the many-sided meaning of the poetry.

The tittle was chosen in reference of an hospital room and also of this place, represented by the white colour — which included all the others — located between the birth and the death, maybe the ones of Marie Uguay (who passed away prematuraly in 1981 at the age of 25), where all the virtualities, all the possibles are permitted.


La chambre blanche was realized in 1985-86 at the composer’s studio and at the studio of Université de Montréal with support from the Explorations program of the Canada Council for the Arts (CCA). The texts by Marie Uguay come from the anthologies L’outre-vie (1979) and Marie Uguay: autoportraits (1982) published by Éditions du Noroît and are used by permission of Stéphan Kovacs, artist photographer. Recorded voices (in appearance order): Marthe Turgeon, Jean-Pierre Matte, Marie-Claude Trépanier, Gilles Laforce. La chambre blanche was awarded a Special Mention at the 2nd Phonurgia Nova International Competition (Arles, France, 1987) and a Mention in the Program Music category at the Bourges 16th international competition (France, 1988).