Evidence of Things Unseen

António Ferreira

Evidence of Things Unseen

  • António Ferreira
  • Year of composition: 2003
  • Duration: 10:42
  • Instrumentation: fixed medium

Electroacoustic or acousmatic music is an established aesthetic that one can define as admitting any sound as potential compositional material, frequently referring to acoustic phenomena and situations from everyday life. Most fundamentally of all it relies on perceptual realities rather than conceptual speculation to unlock the potential for musical discourse and musical structure from the inherent properties of the sound objects themselves. Using both the reconstructing powers of our memory and the tension between reproduction and abstraction, acousmatic music still has a critical potential regarding our aural relation to the world. Evidence of Things Unseen is both an aural reminder of the evocational power of sound in a society too much flooded by images and a gentle critique of the consequent reduced time span attention. This is in part motivated by the barrage of sound bites produced by audio visual industry — an industry that uses much the same technology and the same techniques used to produce this piece. Playing on this slight irony, this piece uses dramatic gestures, pitch distraction tactics and virtual space, an invitation to go from “this” side of the acousmatic curtain into music, from embodied experiences into intentional, poetic experience.