Works Nahe zu fern Dirk Reith

Nahe zu fern

  • Dirk Reith
  • Year of composition: 1987
  • Duration: 14:00

Nahe zu fern (near to far), although still audible, however, unclear. Thus distance relates to closeness in this composition for 8 loudspeakers. Within the field of electronic music, composers have always been intensively preoccupied with the characteristics of space. The timbre aspects of space in which instruments sound, and the significance for the perception of musical processes have led within electronic music to the development of numerous techniques suggesting electronically a real acoustic space. In nahe zu fern the characteristics of large spaces in particular are included in the composition. Electronically produced sounds are reproduced over 8 loudspeakers. The sound structures on the tape are distributed among four channels and given an artificial echo so that the listener has the impression of pulsing spaces the volumes of which are constantly changing. This specific way of composing the sonorous quality of space gives rise to a filed of tension between distance and closeness, between presence and blurring which, in this composition, is not only used with reference to the sound structures in this space, but is also a general compositional principle.

[source: Réseaux des arts médiatiques]


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