Works Filling Laurie Radford


  • Laurie Radford
  • Year of composition: 2007
  • Duration: 15:00
  • Form: videomusic
  • Instrumentation: video

… flock and fill the line and circle
with pulse, sway and spiral,
track the wisp and flourish
bound to the current,
to the flow and curve
of wind-thrust and wave-crash
as past fills present…

Filling is one of a series of works that began in 2006 with Flocking Filling Tracking for six instruments and digital signal processing. The three concepts related to each word in title were the controlling factors and motivation for that initial work. Three subsequent works take one of these concepts and explore it: Flocking (8 flutes and digital signal processing), Tracking (solo violin and digital signal processing), and Filling (an audiovisual work). This work combining video and electroacoustic music explores the filling of our senses of sight and sound, the filling of days with negotiations between retina and tympanum, the filling of space and frame, of volume and dimension. The act of filling implies a place that awaits nourishment, the actions of giving and provision, the states of enclosure and boundaries, but also those of opening, desire and acceptance. The act of filling implies completion and both abundance and need. The search to erase the empty, to banish the blank and silent, to fill time… this fills my every waking moment.


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