Works courant.air Nicolas Bernier


  • Nicolas Bernier
  • Year of composition: 2008-10
  • Duration: 33:00
  • Instrumentation: guitar, processing and 4-channel fixed medium

courant.air is the continuation of the work begun in 2007 with the guitarist Simon Trottier in which we intertwine improvised electroacoustic and folk music. I wanted to explore this further within a formal compositional context.

I imagine myself on the banks of the St Lawrence river, this estuary to which I owe the history of my country. I look backwards in direction of its landscapes created by erosion caused by wind and water.

Wind is a constructive/destructive agent.
Wind is an agent of travel (oh! the sailing ships of Jacques Cartier).
Wind is a propulsion engine of particles in constant movement in the air.
Wind as noise.
Wind is sound.



  • October 30, 2010, Simon Trottier, guitar • Akousma (7): Soirée «folktronica», Studio Hydro-Québec — Monument-National, Montréal (Québec)