Natura morta

Lionel Marchetti

Natura morta

  • Lionel Marchetti
  • Year of composition: 2003-08
  • Duration: 16:37
  • Instrumentation: stereo fixed medium

To Janus (1999-2005)

A composition around a recording of an old piano in a ramshackle castle, Le Richoux (France).

  • Audio filming: Lionel Marchetti
  • Old dilapidated Steinway piano, right hand: Dominique Lechec
  • Old dilapidated Steinway piano, left hand: Bertrand Louis
  • The dog: Janus
  • The ghost: René Farabet
  • The woman: Yôko Higashi

[English translation: François Couture, x-09]

Audio filming of the fire, at the same castle, with Christophe Cardoen, Bertrand Louis, Dominique Lechec, Emmanuelle Rozier, Lionel Marchetti. Thanks to the family of the Le Richoux castle and to Olivier Capparos.