Adrian Moore / Marian Iseard


Click was a response to a call from artist Ian Baxter who was resident at Bank Street Arts in Sheffield (England, UK) whilst undertaking an MA in Sonic Art at The University of Sheffield. He organized composers and poets to work together, firstly offering the poets a chance to write in real-time while composers played new sounds, then recording each poets’ work, finally offering these (recorded) texts as inspiration for the sonic artists on the Masters programme. I got involved — as did a few others — with the following poem by Marian Iseard as it exhibits a very obvious display of sound colour and a cohesive form. My work follows the poem quite closely.

Marian Iseard: Click

Click, clack, the latch. Shuts. Plucks
Its own sound from the smack
Of metal on wood.

The whisper of hands slipping,
And the tap, tap of the nib as it nudges
The feint ruled page
Sends a tick, tick into the air,
And now I’m nearly there.

Shimmy across the floor
And softly open
The door that sticks,
Enter the room
We should have discovered
Where the rain dripped through.

Is it still there?
Is it in the blink of an eye,
The wink of your eye, to me,
Unguarded in a moment of truth,
Is it there?

The years circle,
Send slivers of hours
Into dusty corners
Where they shiver and settle, layer
Upon layer, gossamer threads,
Tiny moments that
Spark and glitter
Above the weight of dead time.

Cold. I’m cold.
A telephone rings —
A spiralling sound
That takes me down, and
The afterlife of its call
Will clutch my heart, squeeze
Until the tears flow, and freeze.

Click was realized in July 2011 at The University of Sheffield Sound Studios (USSS) (UK) and premiered at Bank Street Arts (Sheffield, England, UK) on the July 29, 2011.


  • July 29, 2011, Concert, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield (England, UK)