Works Rupture d’équilibre Alexander Pettai, Todor Todoroff

Rupture d’équilibre

A virtual pendulum, simulated on a computer, crosses zones whose boundaries are defined interactively by the user. Each zone is programmed to trigger a sonic event which is variable in intensity, timbre and / or frequency, depending on the speed of the pendulum when it enters the zone.

The composer modifies in real-time the mass, the stiffness constant, and the damping of the pendulum which is also sensitive to external disturbances. All of these forces interact and continuously modify the form, the speed and the amplitude of the movement, thus generating pseudo-repetitive sequences.

There is a sombre atmosphere, populated with organic êtricules — small, sonic molecules endowed with internal life as defined by Michel Chion — which resist the swinging motion and disrupt its regularity. This matter offers itself up for periodic transformation and distortion, colours are revealed and recombine, chimeras emerge from the nothingness and invite us to follow their hypnotic oscillation…

Disappearance, appearance, proliferation. Weeps can be heard… are they calls? Responses? Is collapse inevitable? Is there something which could slow it down or stop it? Accident or destiny, uncertainty reigns as absolute master. There is no point in resisting…

[English translation: Stephanie Moore, vi-18]

Rupture d’équilibre [Rupture of Balance] was realized in 1993 at the ARTeM (Art, recherche, technologie et musique [Art, Research, Technology, and Music]) studio in Brussels (Belgium). It was remixed in 1995 and entirely revised in 1997. This latter definitive version was premiered on May 21, 1997 at the Discoveries XXXVI concert series in Aberdeen (Scotland). Rupture d’équilibre was a finalist in the Concurso Internacional de Música Eletroacústica de São Paulo (CIMESP ’95, Brazil) and the definitive version was a finalist in the international electroacoustic music competition Musica Nova 2000 in Prague (Czech Republic).

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