Pierre Alexandre Tremblay


  • Pierre Alexandre Tremblay
  • Year of composition: 2019
  • Duration: 14:57
  • Instrumentation: flute, tenor saxophone, toms, vibraphone, piano, violin, electronic instrument and reactive system
  • Commission: Wet Ink, with support from the CCA , CeReNeM, FluCoMa

In memory of Erik Oña, whose ideas and energy have influenced so many of us.

“À mesure que l’esprit va vers plus de précisions, il transforme les faits en facteurs, et les facteurs en entités” — Jean Wahl, Vers le concret.

A crowd in a frantic city, stopping at a red light: an ephemeral sense of cohesion, of synchronous endeavours, fleeting, fragile. Then, the richness of its disintegration when the light turns green, a blooming of trajectories: the beautiful complexity of the noise of all things busy, unfolding, unwoven. At this very moment, time feels elastic, and what appears at first together, when observed attentively, reveals great beauty in the complex dislocation that follows immediately.


I would like to thank the following people, without whom this piece would have not been what it is: the Wet Ink musicians, for their talent and generosity, with a special nod to Sam, for the many years of enriching discussions; Owen Green, Gerard Roma, and Alex Harker, for the creative coding environment where ideas can fly, high and low; Will Bedford, for his extensive piano samples; Ben Hackbarth, for his inspiring AudioGuide software. (un)weave was commissioned by Wet Ink with the financial support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the CeReNeM at the University of Huddersfield, and the FluCoMa project (European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, grant #725899).


  • November 19, 2019, hcmf// 2019: 11. Wet Ink 1, Phipps Hall — Richard Steinitz Building — University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield (England, UK)