Fulya Uçanok


The work Swarming examines the interplay between various binarisms through a series of dialogues. It delves into a range of spectrums, undulating between fragmentation and completion, presence and absence, as well as the human and the machine.

Swarming is an acousmatic rendition of the earlier Childlike only in the depth of innocence for cello, percussion, mono fixed medium [pre-recorded voice (alto)], and stereo fixed medium. The live performance and the acousmatic versions convey distinct musical significance, thus warranting their own title.


Swarming was realized in 2020 at the composer’s studio in Istanbul (Türkiye) using studio performances by Mehmet Gökhan Bağcı (cello), and Amy Salsgiver (percussion). Thanks to İTÜ MIAM Studios (Istanbul); Laçin Şahin, recording engineer. Swarming also uses the fixed media of Childlike only in the depth of innocence which incorporates recordings of Gökçe Göknel (voice).