Room 1015, Junk Food

Dominique Bassal

Room 1015, Junk Food

  • Dominique Bassal
  • Duration: 15:20
  • Instrumentation: 7.1-channel fixed medium
  • Publisher(s): Ymx média
  • ISWC: T9264734807

“This room is huge and luxurious, but causes sensations of choking and massive confusion. We are witnessing changes of direction and ideas, false repetitions and cyclical games, which are as allusive as they are incomprehensible.

Some visitors speak of “gastric parlor,” because of the relative pre-eminence of swallowing sounds and borborygmi, but we also hear distant rales evoking physical suffering, perhaps lived in a cynical way.

The lighting in this room is often bloody and hideous, going through twilight and then nocturnal phases before sinking into a gloomy grey.

As time goes by, the signs of the sacrificial use of dozens of victims daily become clearer and accumulate, but it is only a few minutes before the end of the visit that it is finally understood that this place was only a centre of entertainment and relaxation for an elite of uninhibited cruelty, made up of thousands of obese characters similar to the Baron Harkonnen of the Dune series or to Aila Woudiver, the Dirdirman in the Tschai tetralogy.”