Racing Unseen: Racing Wide, Racing Inside

Natasha Barrett

  • Year of composition: 1996
  • Original work: Racing Unseen
  • Version: Arr. Natasha Barrett, 2016-17
  • Duration: 19:50
  • Instrumentation: stereo fixed medium

Racing through,
Racing with,
Into new spaces,
Away from old,
Racing high, racing low,
to escape, to seek,
racing into the eddy… racing forever… racing unseen.

Racing Unseen was the longest composition that I had created up to this time and I remember struggling to embrace the extended musical structure with the available computer tools. As a solution, I composed the original work in two movements, where the second is a development of the first, rather than defining two distinct thematic ideas in a traditional sense.

The 2016 version of Racing Unseen — titled Racing Unseen: Racing Wide, Racing Inside — has involved some compositional adjustments where, although the listener will hear two sections, the work coheres into one 20-minute form.


Racing Unseen was realized in 1996 in the studios of City University London (England, UK) and premiered at City University London in 1996. The piece was composed as part of the doctoral degree program at City University.



About this recording

The piece was revised and mastered in 2016-17 at the composer’s studio in Hvalstad (Norway).