Bird on a Wire II (CD) La Huppe

La Huppe

Terri Hron, Robert Normandeau

  • Year of composition: 2011
  • Duration: 6:35
  • Instrumentation: recorder, processing and 8-channel fixed medium


The title of this piece, “the hoopoe,” comes from the bird that plays the main character in The Conference of the Birds (1177) by the Persian writer Farid ud-Din Attar (ca 1130-ca 1240). I composed this piece for Terri Hron’s project Bird on a Wire II: Flocking Patterns. The sonic material is derived from a recording of bass recorder that I had made for a different project. It is a free improvisation that is transcribed and which the player must reinterpret, creating a pastiche of herself. The hoopoe and twenty other solo birds accompany her throughout, in a search for truth according to the Persian poet. The electroacoustic part is triggered and articulated live and the octophonic spatialisation is done in real-time.



  • June 14, 2011, Terri Hron, recorder; Juan Parra Cancino, diffusion • EMS 11 — sforzando!: Concert 1, Greenwich House Music School, New York City (New York, USA)