Music for the Iliad (2 × CD) Iliad 5-8

Iliad 5-8

Morten Carlsen

  • Year of composition: 1997
  • Duration: 13:12

Creating sonic art based on the fifth book of Homer’s Iliad is no light task. The book is about acts of war committed in a bloodthirsty frenzy, barbaric acts that that took place over 3,000 years ago. It is pithy, elated and packed with heroic deeds as well as grim associations with the civil wars of the twentieth century: the bloodiest century yet. In this work I play with recognizable sound objects that constantly elude identification, intended to lure the listener out of familiar ways of interpreting sounds.

The composition was premiered along with works by five other Danish composers at the Glyptotek Museum in Copenhagen in the autumn of 1999 in connection with a complete reading of The Iliad in a new Danish edition translated by Professor Otto Steen Due.

[source: Réseaux des arts médiatiques]


  • 1999, Concert, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen (Denmark)

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