Yves Daoust

  • Year of composition: 1997-2001
  • Duration: 29:46
  • Instrumentation: stereo fixed medium
  • Publisher(s): Ymx média
  • ISWC: T0713769448


This project was born out of a commission from the Sonic Arts Network (United Kingdom), for the realization of an environmental tableau, a type of musical postcard depicting a place that is dear to me.

Stunned by the noises of the ‘city,’ and in spite of my resistance motivated by a desire to fulfill the commission, I found myself swept along in a much different direction from that which was expected of me. The sound samples, captured for the most part in the summer of 1997 in the streets and lanes of the city of Montréal, were exploded, mutilated, in order to render them more appropriate to my memory — to my sonic impression of this city, explored in every sense.

Noise (‘bruit’ in French) is the dominating feature. ‘Smooth’ noise, a constant and immutable murmur — the sum of human machines. Explosive noises, heterogeneous fragments that invade from all angles like small darts that pierce through the mass in passing, only to melt again into the sonorous ambiance of which they are part: granular noises, infinitesimal parcels of sound that have lost their soul while loosing their cause, and which the wind sweeps away like dust; ‘marked’ sounds, like the long melancholic glissando that comes to earth from planes that pass overhead throughout the day. Everything is ‘spoiled,’ deformed, exploded.