Microclimates III-VI: Remote Gale (Microclimate VI)

Natasha Barrett

  • Duration: 6:06
  • Publisher(s): Ymx média
  • ISWC: T9247779006


ISRC CAD501010214

  • 48 kHz, 24 bits

The timing of my trip meant that an excursion to Utvær island — the most westerly point of Norway — would not enable entrance into the main attraction of the lighthouse, nor to overnight on the island. Instead the idea was to overnight at Hardbakke — a westerly point on the mainland — and daytrip by boat to the island. When I arrived a full storm brewed in the distance. Later that evening I received an SMS from an old sailor friend reading “full storm, 40 knots south westerly. This is no weather for sailing in the open ocean. Stay on land.” The next morning a call came from the captain saying he needed more time to get hold of a “bigger boat”… The driving rain and wind had clearly not deterred him. Out at sea my stomach continually leapt into my mouth. At Solund the wind and rain drove horizontally (an experience I would once again have at the glacier). The wind sung around every rock, every corner, through every gap. The island was scattered with small houses. At one end rose the lighthouse. Open porches offered some rest from the raw weather. The lighthouse’s locked door hid a tower of still air. The wind knocked me over and my equipment became entangled in a thorny bush. The wind buffeted both bush and microphone as one.