Jacky Mérit

  • Year of composition: 2002
  • Duration: 11:59
  • Instrumentation: fixed medium


“Dissonant suspension — suspended acceleration — impressed fragment — metallurgical conglomerate — narrative approach to sounds — reactional chemistry — polyphonic impulse — quantic polyphony — the dramatic art of our individual, libidinal energies, modes of the life urge…” These are some of the notions that occurred to me as I was composing this piece.

But what interests me here is what I would call “eidetic space” or how sound affects the interior space of a person.

Opening up an internal listening process which allows the creation of a space to channel, not only feelings or emotions, but also a means of appreciation through the experience of forms, on the micro and macro levels. Internal perceptions of the way of moving on an energetic level through cellular forms, through solid materials, or through geography or geological time… by truly trying to approach an artistic articulation of our actual capacity to represent to ourselves these large and little situations.

The more energy there is, the more is given, the more reflection is generated on death, life, sex, fear, philosophy, poetry. The less energy there is, the less flesh and blood there is, the less it consents to voluptuous pleasure and so to knowledge of self, and the limits to exceed. My work allows me to find my existential autonomy and touch everything that is alienated. Thus, through the developing music a crack is created where pain is used as a moving force in order to challenge this state, this “lie.”

Our cultural heritage is such that we must constantly revisit our power to appreciate. This individual appreciation is thereby forced to untangle it own feelings/emotions from the collective ones. An “emotional mould” which, in this electroacoustic Éthique épique is the object of ambiguous articulations…

“Without the imperialism of the concept, music would have taken the place of philosophy: it would have been the paradise of the inexpressible obvious, an epidemic of ecstasies.” (Émile Cioran)