The Inner Voice of Triangle

Yu-Chung Tseng

  • Year of composition: 2006
  • Duration: 10:38
  • Instrumentation: fixed medium


The work is based on the concept of exploring some sounds seldom heard by people, especially the sounds inside the body. Such inner sounds could only be dug out through the modern digital means. The only acoustic material is a 3-hits triangle sounds. The sounds were modified and transformed, or “white-washed” to explore, to dig out possible timbres, sonic gestures or new voices. The processed sounds were then reorganized to create a sonic artwork — a piece of music. As an instrument member of percussion, triangle plays a very little role in the past repertoire of music and has been long ignored by most of composers. Through the use of computer and modern studio facility, composer is able to discover and to enlarge the inner voice of the little “instrument” — the Triangle. And finally, its virtual music (composition) potential of inner power and beauty can be revealed.

The work was mixed at the Computer Music Studio at National Taipei University of Education in Taiwan in April 2006.