Métamorphoses 2014 (2 × CD) Fragile Butterfly

Fragile Butterfly

Irene Pacini

  • Year of composition: 2014
  • Duration: 11:45
  • Instrumentation: stereo fixed medium

The opera Madama Butterfly is the starting point of this work. A new music is built from there, by exploring the expressive possibilities of sounds resulting from torn and crumpled paper, from tip frictions, from the path and the rhythms of writing with a pencil or a pen. What is the relationship between these musical sources? The idea of fragility, which is common to paper, butterfly wings and ultimately, the character of Madame Butterfly. The vehement wrenching of paper bits are ripping up the image of a mysterious world far away. A world where dreams and illusions of Madame Butterfly shape sound waves coming closer or drawing away, in a space full of expectations. Among the torn out spaces, other images, other worlds full of anxiety, where tension is growing, are emerging. The fragile paper is ripping up, just like the fragile wings of a butterfly caught among walls of paper. Shall the butterfly find its path to heaven?


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