Mark Andrew Nowak, Furnitures, no. 8, September 1, 1992

A pair of new compact discs representing the galvanized Canadian electroacoustic community. Anecdotes, Yves DaoustSatie from an open window on Petite Musique Sentimentale is more the hearing the Velvet Gentleman was after than most are willing to give him credit for. A second disc features compositions by Michel-Georges BregentAtlantide — and Walter BoudreauGolgot(h)a. Both are powerful, energetic works, and it’s nice to see the poet/composer collaboration celebrated as well as Boudreau does with the poet who gave us such seminal language-music works as Concerto en si b dur pour 33 machines a ecrire and Vibration-percussion yin-yang, Raôul Duguay.

… powerful, energetic works…