Christopher Elson, Paris New Music Review, no. 4, April 1, 1994

Kristoff K.Roll is Jean-Christophe Camps and Carole Rieussec, two Paris-based composers with backgrounds in electroacoustic music and acousmatic composition. Latin-American inspired and Canadian-produced, this is world music at its un-labelled, un-cliched best. One of many rediscoveries, re-visions of America which were all the rage in the early nineties, Kristoff K.Roll’s work is a travel diary evoking a circuit in Latin America. Heard on the Corazón Road: sounds of humans in unspecified motion, groaning of doors, synthesized swishing of hammocks, sampled caresses of tropical rain, high hissing of tape birds, and ever-resurgent, the human voice — chattering children, crooning / complaining adults, tough Belize rappers, a patchwork of Mexican, Spanish, Québécois French, Caribbean-inflected English. This is an astounding humanistic collage, celebrating and commemorating the discoveries of the heart.

… this is world music at its un-labelled, un-cliched best.