Mike Chamberlain, Hour, October 11, 2001

This isn’t some guy sitting down with his guitar and playing a few tunes. Lussier’s approach to the guitar is visceral - he hammers and plucks at the strings, sending shards of notes careening off in all directions. A cluster of notes is punctuated by seconds of silence; the music pulses and fades away, existing in a state between realization and decay. It seems that there are no beginnings and no endings, or perhaps all beginning and ending at the same time. Though there are no overdubs on either of these recordings, depth is achieved by recording with eight stratogically placed microphones, so that the sounds ricochet from hack to front and side to side. Not exactly toetapping stuff, but Lussier throws in a few foot stomps for good measure.

Lussier’s approach to the guitar is visceral…

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