Tom Schulte, Outsight, June 1, 2003

A prolific label of fascinating albums, Ambiances Magnétiques is now working a bevy of new and current releases. From the duo of Martin Tétreault and Otomo Yoshihide comes the three-mini-CD box set Studio-Analogique-Numérique. The pair recorded “Studio” live in the studio, with no reprocessing, although the set was edited. Letting in chance and eschewing compositional form, this is an organic collage of turntables and electronics. Like a gathering storm this collection of monstrous sounds is ominous and almost unsettling. Then, each took the tapes “back to the lab” for lone reconstruction without input from the other. Tétreault opted for antique tape equipment on “Analogique,” which adds warmth and even charm to the sounds. Yoshihide went the opposite route and employed state-of-the-art digital reshaping on “an ultramodern computer” and a crisper, sharper piece emerges of low volume, high-pitched drones and alien, cybernetic ruminations… Instead of contrasting styles, personalities merge in the following case.

… an organic collage of turntables and electronics.