Dolf Mulder, Vital, September 11, 2003

More splintered and fragmented sounds from this duo that we already know from earlier work (21 Situations). We find their new work physically not on one CD but distributed on three mini-CDs. Objectively there was no reason to do so. All the music would perfectly fit on one CD. At the center of this triptych is the Studio CD. It is recorded live in the studio and has Tétreault and Yoshihide playing turntables and electronics. No reprocessing afterwards took place. After this job was done both gentlemen split. Tétreault took the analogue road and Yoshihide the digital one. Both used recordings that were not used for the Studio CD. On Analogique Tetréault used obsolete tape recorders and created a flowing analogue remix, resulting in 5 short pieces. Yoshihide choses for another approach. With the newest facilities computers have to offer he created a heavy reconstruction, called Numérique. It that lasts some 20 minutes. So the left and right panel of this triptych are both soloworks. They knead their analogue and digital sound material into objects that are hard to judge and compare. What point of reference shall I and can I take? Is this music? The answer makes no difference. But as a listerner I want to conquer this strange sound object one way or another. In order to give it some meaning, etc. But concerning this release, I’ll try again another time. For this moment the sounds remains sounds, although manipulated by both gentlemen in a bruitiste way