Jeff Filla, N D - Magazine, no. 20, June 1, 1997

The first piece, a 35-minute assemblage of sound material created over a 20-year period (1972 to 1991), has a lot of the sinister electronic flavor of his Requiem LP [now on CD]. There is a lot of French speech here, most often heard in moments otherwise silent, but always following and preceding bursts of all-too-short sound compositions. To the non-French-speaking, the first piece may be monotonously wordy. The sounds however are quite potent and remind me of the material by Pierre Henry reissued under the title Apocalypse de Jean. The remaining 42 minutes of this CD are all but wordless montage of quirky sound snippets, incorporating many moments of silence. This piece probably best suits the tastes that enjoy compilations like Électro clips and Ding Dong Deluxe.