Noah Wane, Splendid E-Zine, June 23, 1997

Listening to Dan Lander’s Talking to a Loudspeaker is like unwittingly tuning into someone else’s conversation and becoming so enthralled that you can’t tune out despite feeling like you shouldn’t be listening. In this case the conversation has been constructed entirely from snippets of magnetic tape containing miscellaneous bits and pieces of radio signal. The genius of the piece is that it manages to sustain such a riveting narrative despite being entirely constructed of out-of-context words and phrases — like some sort of rhetorical collage. Destroy: Information Only is a piece in a similar vein, only this time the collage is made of larger pieces — whole interviews conducted by the composer with friends and family who are asked to describe their memories of an injury he had had 20 years earlier. Again the sense of aural voyeurism is strangely addictive. Also included on Zoo are the works Failed Suicide and City Zoo / Zoo City. For anyone looking for intimate/compelling art, Zoo amply fits the bill.

… such a riveting narrative…