Elliott S, Splendid E-Zine, July 21, 1997

With a microphone, a computer and sophisticated software, Stéphane Roy is capable of producing worlds of sound unimaginable to the average luddite. In the tradition of Pierre Schaeffer and GRAM, this Montréal-based composer (along with other artists in that city) is devoted to electroacoustic music and what is often referred to as acousmatic sound. Compared to their American counterparts, the French (and Canadian) approach relies more on sounds recorded from the surrounding environment (rather than synthesized timbres) and the diffusion of such sounds through multiple loudspeakers. Naturally, Kaleidos is reduced down to two channels for play on the home stereo, but it isn’t difficult to imagine Roy at the mixer moving these rich and lively sounds to different sets of speakers that surround the listener. Ranging between nine and fifteen minutes in length, these pieces are the 21st century equivalent to the 19th century symphony and it is all done with recorded sounds and digital processing. You won’t hear any violins or brass instruments, although Mimetismo does use the guitar as a sound source. Spanning eight years of Stéphane’s creative output, this collection is solid proof that electronic sound is not a sterile art.

… worlds of sound unimaginable to the average luddite.

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